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he 25-year-old Duncan Lawrence, grown up in the Rotterdam Area, won Eurovision 2019 with heart pouring ‘Arcade’. Thanks to him, Netherlands will host the upcoming edition. Several Dutch cities applied for role of host. Two cities remain in the race: Maastricht and Rotterdam. Naturally, I am cheering for my hometown. Why should the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 be held in Rotterdam? I give you 6 reasons.

1. Location is easily accessible

The accessibility of Rotterdam is rather good. Whether you travel by train or plane, the trip will probably only take a few hours from your city in Europe. We have two airports in a 30 minute range: Rotterdam/The Hague Airport and Schiphol Airport. Did you know the Rotterdam harbour is the biggest harbour in Europe? This is convenient for logistics of both visitors and supplies.  Logistics and location, douze points for Rotterdam!

See our infographic for travel times within Europe.

Rotterdam CS tramhalte

Rotterdam Central Station. Copyrights: Claire Doppert

Rotterdam application video

2. Flourishing hospitality- and restaurant industries

Numerous new buildings changed the skyline during the last decade. Rotterdam has been changing into a modest but modern metropolis. Hospitality industries are flourishing because tourists are attracted to the city. There is now plenty to experience. When asked about their experience with the Maas city, the participants in the Location study 2018 call venues in Rotterdam cool, hip and special. And the city is rapidly growing in popularity for events. Why not add the Eurovision Song Contest to the list?

3. Plenty of accomodations

As the city is growing into an international hotspot for business- and leisure guests, the options in accommodations are more than sufficient. The industrie is growing from around 7200 rooms in Rotterdam now, to 8420 rooms in 2020, according to Rotterdam Tourist Information. And in all price ranges. I’m sure its just about enough for Eurovision. Btw, look at some cool accomodations here.

Hotel Room at Roommate Bruno Copyrights: Roommate Bruno

Aloha bar restaurant Rotterdam incentive business events dmc

Restaurant Aloha Bar in the former Tropicana swimming pool Copyrights: Aloha Bar

4. Internationally minded; the people speak English

Being internationally minded, pretty much all Dutch people speak at least some English. Of the younger generations (under 60), most are very willing to show your their good English skills.

5. Innovative city

Opposed to the more classic Maastricht, Rotterdam is modern, innovative and inspiring. Hosting the Eurovision Contest is a chance to show the rest of the world inspiring new ways to do things. The city is experimenting with different innovative initiatives, such as a floating farm, garages which are also water resevoires and crazy modern architecture (like the Boymans Depot Building).

rotterdam city dmc incentive

Photo of a square that also functions as a water storage. Copyrights: Iris van den Broek

Map of tramlines and metrolines Copyrights: RET

6. Compact city centre

The city is quite compact, with the majority attraction in walking distance of the centre. Equipped with excellent public transport, you will find yourself going from A to B in a fast and well organized environment. Convenient when you are moving thousands of people for the Eurovision Songfestival 2021. Or when visitors want to explore the city, the day after the contest.

Tell us what you want to know

Your DMC Rotterdam aims to promote business group travel to Rotterdam. I am curious, what are the things you want to know about? Please let me know! 

By Channa Benard

Infographic Rotterdam

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