Visiting Rotterdam and looking for a team-building activity, get inspired here!

1. Tabletgame

Each team determines a strategy, some questions and assignments will score more points than others. Do the teams assume they have the knowledge of Rotterdam and are able to answer the multiple choice questions? Or should the team rely on creativity and originality and go for the video/photo assignments which score more points. The teams decide for themselves the route and what type of assignments they will perform.

It is extra exciting because the scores of the other teams can also be seen. Does this make the teams extra fanatical? But beware! 30 minutes before the end time, the intermediate rankings disappear and everything is still possible. So the final result remains a surprise until the award ceremony. The instructor announces the winning team. They go home with a nice prize and endless glory.

2. The Markthal Game

The roofed Market Hall in Rotterdam is a must-see. The shape, the artwork on the inside and the height make the Market hHall a unique place. The Market Hall Game is a very suitable indoor activity for team building. The Market Hall is hereby a perfect location to get introduced with a variety of (local) snacks during this activity!

Divided into teams you will compete with each other. This exciting game leads the participants through challenging assignments in an original way through the Martket Hall with all its stalls. From regional products to multicultural concepts. Spanish snacks, fresh pasta, Moroccan spices, you name it. Cooperation, creative thinking and problem solving-skills are essential to answer the questions correctly and of course collect the right products with your pocket money.

Fanaticism and teamwork will be richly rewarded. The group that is the first to give all the right answers and make the right purchases wins. Besides the honor, the winning group gets to take home the purchased goodies from all the teams!

3. Tandem challenge

During this activity you will make a hunt through the heart of the city in teams on tandems! In teams of three tandems with two people per tandem, the participants set off for a route through the city. You will pass by all the highlights of Rotterdam during this team activity, like De Rotterdam, the Euromast, the Erasmus Bridge, the Market Hall, and many more Rotterdam icons.

The Tandem Challenge is a great form of team building and a unique way to discover the best and most special places in Rotterdam! Enjoy the outdoors with your group! The route is up to you, so even before you jump on the tandem the teambuilding game will start. Have you and your team mapped out your own, strategic route? Then it’s a go-go-go!

Do you think you have answered all the questions correctly? Then look for the final location where the award ceremony will be extra festive for the winning teams.

4. Sloop scavenger hunt

You drive the electric boat yourself, which gives the sailing an extra experience. Each team has its own boat so it immediately gets a competitive character. This makes the boat hunt very suitable as an active and original teambuilding activity.

Using a tablet with GPS and internet, the participants sail a route over the inland waterways of Rotterdam.

Along the way the teams are answering questions and complete assignments on board that count toward the final assessment. Who has a keen eye for the surroundings, who is handy with signal flags or is master – vault cracker? Which team member knows a lot about the city? Teamwork is needed to beat the other teams. Who will go home with the grand prize and eternal glory?

5. BINGO! Citygame

During this team-building activity you will set off in teams through Rotterdam, armed with a citymap and a bingo card. The aim is to complete as many horizontal bingo’s as possible. Need help? You only get 1 tool! For the rest, you dependent on each other as a team. A nice form of team-building!

The participants are welcomed by one of our instructors, as they also will give an explanation. Then it can begin! Unlike a traditional bingo, the teams receive a map of Rotterdam on where the numbers are indicated. Based on the map the teams have to plan a logical route to get as many bingos as possible. At each location the teams will find a question or assignment. Only by working well together and with the right team spirit, a team wins and will go home with a nice prize and of course. eternal glory!