Are you looking for fun group activities in the city? We got your back. Your DMC Rotterdam has a variety of entertainment to offer such as activities on the water, in green parks, exciting musea, stunning architecture, delicieus restaurants and trendy bars. Read along to learn more about our group activities !

Activities in Rotterdam

Annabel Street art Rotterdam

City Walk in Song Contest City #1

A comfy walking discovery tour along the diversity of Rotterdam including songfestival-quiz with songfestival sound clips and a Rotterdam goodybag!

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Eurovison Song Contest sing-a-long boat trip

A sailing discovery tour on river the Maas. You will view iconic buildings, the impressive skyline and the old harbor area from the water. Including Eurovision Song Contest karaoke, quiz, catering and entertainment!

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City game Rotterdam Tablet Game

Eurovision Song Contest Tabletgame

Discover Rotterdam with our exclusive Tabletgame. This game has the look & feel of Eurovision Song Contest 2021 and contains funny questions and team tasks. Teambuilding and fun in one interactive tabletgame.

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